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Probably the most popular method of making wrinkles such as the nasolabial fold or sunken scars almost disappear is to use filler injections. Wrinkle injections can not only smooth wrinkles, but also treat volume deficits. through the treatment results in significant skin rejuvenation, fewer wrinkles and a radiant, fresh complexion. Whether botox or hyaluron - wrinkle treatment or volume build-up: With us you are guaranteed to be in best hands.

Lips to die for

Your perfect kissable mouth

The filter called hyaluronic acid is used for a popular beauty treatment at Swan Beauty Berlin - lip augmentation! During the treatment, which does not require surgery, a filler based on hyaluronic acid is injected into the lip tissue. It is a most common and popular method that is also used to inject wrinkles. We only use high-quality and well-tolerated hyaluron fillers from well-known manufacturers to naturally enlarge and model your lips. The volume of the upper and/or lower lips is increased by injecting the filler directly into the red of the lips. An external massage distributes the active ingredient in the desired area. The application only takes about 30 minutes and is extremely painless, only a pinching of the puncture can be felt. Anesthesia is therefore not necessary. The result is a sensual and full curved mouth that blends harmoniously with your facial features. We at Swan Beauty Berlin are happy to fulfill this wish and always take your natural lip shape and individual needs into account!

The lip modeling treatment at Swan Beaty Berlin is individually tailored to you. Since the wishes usually vary greatly and no two mouths are the same, we will discuss the result you can expect in advance.

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Botox in general

from 80 €

Frown line

from 80 €


from 220 €

Corners of mouth

from 100 €


from 100 €

Filler in general

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from 160 €


from 240 €

Cheeks (volume)

from 300 €


from 300 €



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