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Not every woman is endowed with a full lash line, thick and black, long eyelashes. Sometimes very light-skinned women suffer from the fact that their eyelashes are not uniformly dark or even completely light colored by nature. At Swan Beauty we can help nature a little: with our eyelash extensions. At Swan Beauty, we use the best quality silk lashes with different curves for long-lasting wear and for the perfect blink of the eye. The perfect curve of the individual extensions and the different lengths visually support the curve of your own natural eyelashes. A special application of our eyelashes for lengthening and thickening also allows water and higher temperature fluctuations, sports and normal make-up to be worn permanently. Beauties the extensions are also perfect for the holidays!

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Depending on the needs of our customers, we emphasize the eyelashes in an "extreme look" or thicken / lengthen the rim in a natural look. After a treatment with us, the use of mascara is no longer necessary. We offer the following looks: Glamour, Mascara, Natural and Russian Volume.

Using an anti-allergic special adhesive, we attach eyelash by eyelash to your own lash line. In the 2D or 3D look, two or three eyelash extensions are applied to your own eyelashes. Showering, sports, swimming & Co. is no problem for the eyelash extensions. The treatment is absolutely painless. An extension / compression for contact lens wearers and glasses wearers is also completely unproblematic. The glasses or hard lenses must be taken off or taken out during the procedure (soft lenses can be kept in without any problems). However, the length of the extensions for spectacle wearers is crucial so that the extensions do not bump into the glasses uncomfortably!

As with a normal or natural eyelash life cycle, the wearability is limited to 2-3 months. Natural eyelashes fall out and change after 2-3 months once they reach their maximum growth. We therefore recommend regular refilling of the extensions after 2-4 weeks to maintain the optimal look. Filling in the eyelashes is usually much shorter than a complete re-treatment.

We offer different lengths, colors, thicknesses and bends. In a free and non-binding consultation, we will present our selection of silk lashes to you. We are happy to help with the selection to flatter the guy in the best possible way. Our eyelashes look extremely natural, flexible and extremely black in color intensity.

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Before the treatment, we take our time, as described above, for a free and non-binding consultation. We either start right away or make an appointment to thicken / lengthen a new eyelash application. During the treatment, which lasts about one to two hours, the extensions are applied individually with tweezers to your own natural eyelashes using the compatible special adhesive. You lie on our couch during the treatment and enjoy the painless procedure. The lower lashes are covered with a pad so that only the upper lashes are covered. This ensures the maximum effect. The make-up artist fixes the upper lid so that the base of the lashes is clearly visible. In the next step, your own eyelashes are degreased so that the glue gets maximum durability. Now our silk lashes are dipped into the glue with tweezers and carefully applied to your own lashes. The gaps are thus sensitively filled in during the procedure, which can take up to two hours. A difference to your own eyelashes after the treatment is hardly noticeable. The fine work of our make-up artists / eyelash stylists is very precise and guarantees a comfortable fit.

We do not necessarily recommend the use of mascara. Our lashes will ensure that this is no longer necessary. If you decide to apply mascara - ATTENTION - please do not use waterproof mascara. This can loosen the special eyelash glue. There is also special mascara for eyelash extensions.

After the treatment, the following things must be observed: 48 hours afterwards, the eyes must not come into contact with water. A small masterpiece when showering, but which can be mastered either with diving goggles or with the right posture when showering. Another important point is that no oily products should be used on the eyes either after the treatment or during the entire wearing period; waterproof mascaras must also be avoided. Swimming isn't a problem, but you should avoid pools with high levels of chlorine.

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